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  • Firstly, congratulations on completing Year 12. Many of VU’s undergraduate degrees no longer use ATAR as the main selection criteria for Year 12 applicants. There will still be prerequisites, but it won’t just be limited to your ATAR results.

    Our Course Advisers can assist with your specific situation and provide details on the study options available to you for 2018. Book a one-one-on appointment or call us on 1300 VIC UNI.

  • For the courses that don’t have ATAR requirements, Year 12 students will need to successfully complete all the requirements of VCE. This will include any stated course prerequisites and study scores for their course of interest.

    Once you’ve received your VCE results in December, check VU’s course pages to see if you fulfil the entry requirements.

    If you have fulfilled the entry requirements, you can start study at VU in 2018 provided the course is the highest course you are eligible for on your preference list.

    For a small number of courses, you must also satisfy the published Clearly-In ATAR.

  • VU has a number of courses where the number of applicants exceeds the number of available places. For these courses, an ATAR is used as the primary selection tool but is not the only consideration.

    Admissions requirements for all VU courses are listed on the VU website.

  • You can change your preferences during the assigned period: 10am, Monday 20 November to 12noon Wednesday 20 December (however, results are released at 7am, Friday 15 December).

    Once you have your VCE and ATAR results, you can review your current preference list, gather information and make an informed decision about how, or whether, you want to re-order your preferences.

    If you have not paid your VTAC course application processing fee in full, you will be unable to change your preferences.

  • Yes, you can add new courses to your preference list during the Change of Preference period. Make sure you check the course prerequisite subjects and extra requirements; you will need to meet these to be eligible for the course.

  • Yes. Ensure you list your preferences in order of what you want to study, as you will receive an offer for the highest-listed course you are eligible for.

  • If you don’t receive an offer in Round 1, we recommend you contact us. There are a number of options to consider, such as later round offers, direct applications, or applying mid-year. We can help you find the best study option in your area of interest.

    To make sure you’ve got the best chance of receiving an offer in the first round, book a one-on-one appointment, attend our Change of Preference Expo or contact a VU Course Adviser for more information on 1300 VIC UNI.

  • You may receive both a first round and second round offer. Accepting your first round offer does not prevent you from being considered in subsequent rounds unless you are offered your first preference. However, you will only receive a second round offer if it is for a place in a course listed higher in your preference list than the first-round offer received (i.e. if you receive a first-round offer for your fourth preference, you can only be considered for a place in courses listed 1-3 in subsequent rounds).

  • The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) is responsible for processing your application for university courses and supplying it to the university that you have nominated. The university then considers your offer and offers you a place based on the selection criteria for your course.

    Most VU courses are available for application via VTAC. Using VTAC for your university application allows you to list up to eight preferences in the order of your most preferred to least preferred course and institution. VTAC takes care of all the hard work so you only fill in one application for multiple courses at multiple institutions. Our website contains more information on how to apply.

  • You must apply via VTAC if you are currently enrolled in Year 12 (or equivalent) or applying for more than one course.

    You can apply directly to VU if you:

    • are not currently enrolled in Year 12 (or equivalent), and
    • are only applying for one course at VU, and
    • have not already applied through VTAC
    • are a current VU student
  • VTAC timely applications closed on Tuesday 28 September. Lodge VTAC applications by 5pm on this date and pay the early-bird application fee. VTAC continues to accept applications after this date, however the application fee is higher during the late application period. Very Late course applications close on Friday 8 December at 5pm. VCE results and ATARs are released on Friday 15 December and Round 1 Undergraduate offers will be available on Tuesday 16 January 2018.

  • TAFE and direct applicants will need to get a few things ready to support your application. This includes a statement of interest, evidence of study or work history and any course specific requirements. Find out more on the VU website.

    If applying through VTAC, check any course requirements, pre-requisites and additional VTAC requirements before applying.

  • Course costs vary between TAFE and undergraduate courses, government-funded student and full-fee paying students, and depend on the makeup of your electives. You may pay your fees directly to the university at the beginning of each year, or, if you prefer, you can defer your fees through the government loan scheme. This means that the government covers the cost of your uni fees and you begin repaying the loan once you have completed your degree and are earning over a certain amount. You will also need to pay an annual Students Services and Amenities fee. Your course may also require you to purchase equipment or textbooks, so be prepared for this expense. Important information and a guide to costs can be found on the fees information page.

  • Yes. Each year, we award hundreds of scholarships worth millions of dollars for students at all levels – TAFE (certificates and diplomas), undergraduate (bachelor degrees and honours) and postgraduate. Details and eligibility criteria are available on the scholarships page.

  • The Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) is for applicants who have experienced educational barriers and/or difficult life circumstances that may prevent or deter you from studying. VU can help you get into your course with our special admission programs, so that you can reach your true potential.

  • We know that the transition to tertiary study can be difficult. We have been working hard to find the best way to invest in our students, paving the way to academic success.

    The First Year Model puts our students' needs first. It provides skills and knowledge that will help them become confident, independent learners. Our aim is to give our first-year students the boost they need to succeed in their studies and careers.

    The First Year Model is not a change in which units are taught, but how they are taught. It is an Australian-first, innovative approach to higher education.

    The block mode assists learning in many ways:

    • a single focus, rather than juggling multiple units with competing demands and deadlines
    • the chance to immerse yourself in each unit, learning through discussion and group interaction
    • strong and lasting peer connections formed through close contact with one group at a time
    • getting to know and be known by your educators
    • timely support from a multidimensional team
    • timely feedback
    • early success to build your confidence and motivation.
      The model applies to all our first-year students.

    For more information, visit our First Year Model web page.