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First year learning experience

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    The world has
    changed – and
    so has our
    First Year!

    We’ve been teaching the same way for hundreds of years now. But there’s no doubt the world has changed, and along with it, industry and employer needs. So we’ve developed a fresh, new approach to learning, where your studies will benefit from a greater connection with lecturers and fellow students, so you’ll quickly gain confidence.

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    Why have we
    changed our
    first year?

    At VU, we’ve developed the First Year Model, to help your transition into university life by gaining a far greater understanding of the first year subjects you’ll be studying. You’ll also benefit from being industry-ready with a much more practical, hands-on approach to learning. So when you study a bachelor’s degree at VU, you know you can tackle your future with confidence.

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    How does the First Year
    Model work?

    Instead of juggling four units at once, the First Year Model breaks your semesters into four blocks each. In those blocks, you’ll focus on one unit of study at a time, three days a week, for four weeks.

    Throughout the four week-long block, you’ll receive continual feedback from your teacher. This will help you complete your assessments within the four weeks. You'll receive your marks on the Monday after you finish your unit. The first unit you study is a fixed introduction to your discipline, course and university. This unit will give you the confidence and skills you need to complete your bachelor degree.

What are the benefits
of the first year model?

Our First Year Model makes the transition from high school to university smoother

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    Instead of juggling multiple demands and deadlines of up to four units at time, with the First Year Model you focus on one unit at a time. This allows you to really immerse in your unit of study and not get overloaded.

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    Our First Year Model is designed help you achieve the early wins with assignments and tasks that will set you up for a successful university experience.

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    Learn from one teacher per unit, in smaller class sizes, so you can get to know and be known by your teacher, and seek additional support and feedback or an extra challenge if you want.

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    Customise your degree to fit your life with flexible study options where you can attend morning, afternoon or evening classes over three days per week.

Success stories

  • The block mode of study allowed me to focus more effectively, eliminated some of the stresses that come with juggling multiple units [and] gave me a greater opportunity to really master each unit, and retain more of its content.

    Sophie Webb

    Sophie Webb

    Bachelor of Business
    at VU

  • Being able to focus on one course at a time allows students to learn quickly and effectively. I am always surprised at how much it is possible to learn in such a brief period, but this is only possible because of the immersive learning environment.



    Student at Quest University in Canada
    which uses a similar block learning approach

  • By the end of a block, I have really immersed in a particular subject, and am ready to dive into the next. The block mode is extremely focused. I can focus on one subject and really learn how to think like somebody in that particular field.

    Johannes Bodendorfer

    Johannes Bodendorfer

    Student at Quest University in Canada
    which uses a similar block learning approach

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